Swiss knife in the business of working together

Collaboration means file storage, document management, video conferencing, shared event calendars, and things like that. As a rule, people tend to trust personal life and business to third-party services. However, there is an option to keep it all on your own server.

We choose Nextcloud - free software for convenient scheduling and file storage.


When creating a server, admin Nextcloud user is created with the password you’ve used for your primary user.

To add new users, go to the user administration panel, on the web interface of your Nextcloud.

  • WEB interface: available after SelfPrivacy server configuration, at https://cloud.YOUR.DOMAIN
  • Official application (GNU/Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS)

How to reset the admin password

To follow the steps below, you’ll need to connect to the server via SSH with administrative rights. A basic understanding of the command line is beneficial ;)

For detailed connection instructions, click here.

After connecting, enter the following command:

nextcloud-occ user:resetpassword admin

You will prompted for a new password, the characters will be hidden.


Nextcloud Updater does not work

It’s fine, it should be. Nextcloud is updated via NixOS, and depends on our NixOS repository. Everything happens without your intervention.

Why can’t I use my Nextcloud in third-party services?

This can happen if the third-party service has a restriction to only connect to a specific Nextcloud instance.

Should I use an extension to encrypt my Nextcloud?

We do not recommend it. The encryption keys are stored on the server, which makes such encryption practically useless.

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