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E-mail-based messenger with end-to-end encryption

Messengers like Telegram, Signal, Whatsapp cannot be private due to the peculiarity of their architecture - centralization. And peer-to-peer (p2p) services like Tox consume too many resources and are inconvenient to use on a mobile device.

The best solution is to use your mail server for Delta.Chat. Delta.Chat is a messenger based on the email protocol.

If your conversation partner doesn’t use Delta.Chat, it will be just an ordinary email correspondence for him.

Features of Delta.Chat

  • Regular email client with all the features of IM.
  • Reliable end-to-end encryption (e2e), provided a personal email server is used by both interlocutors or a personal key exchange, such as via QR code.
  • Can use any email server, but then you lose control over the meta-information and risk key-swapping man-in-the-middle attack.
  • Slightly slower than usual messengers
  • First message is not encrypted because public encryption keys are sent with it.
  • There are problems with sending files > 5-7MB.
  • There are no convenient channels (chats for mass discussions and sending out information). We recommend using a decentralized social network.
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