Our team, contributors and like-minded people.

About us

International team of independent professionals:

  • Zholnay Kirill - Founder/CEO/CISO. For more than 15 years builds and protects corporate infrastructure in medium and large companies
  • Dettlaff - core-team backend developer
  • Houkime - core-team backend developer
  • Inex Code - core-team full-stack developer
  • NaiJi - core-team Flutter developer
  • ilchub - DevOps, Backend developer
  • kherel - Flutter developer
  • nikolai - QA Engineer
  • and a lot of cool contributors and volunteers

We get help

Like-minded people

  • Cloudron - commercial project, code closed, from $15 per month for email and multiple services. You have to install the application yourself on the server, keep an eye on the server resources.
  • IndieWeb - it is open-source project, complicated in configuration.
  • Kubenav - manages docker containers from mobile. Promising but for highly skilled users.
  • Yunohsot - open-source project, but not very stable.
  • FreedomBox - open source project on ARM
  • Tunrkeylinux - ready to use software for advanced users


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