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How to contribute

You can help with translations and programming

Help us translate

We use our own weblate instance to collaborate. You can create an account and help us translate the project into your native language.

If you’re a programmer

You can read about how SelfPrivacy works in documentation.

You can help us close Issues which are marked with the “Contributions welcome” tag. For example, at this link you will see tasks tagged “Contributions welcome” for the main application.

We cannot approve major changes without the approval of the core developers. Of course you can create a fork of the project, but if you want to get approval, please discuss the proposed changes in one of the project chats:

Python / NixOS - backend

The server side of SelfPrivacy uses the NixOS distribution, and a daemon program written in Python called SelfPrivacy API. The daemon works to provide a link between your server and SelfPrivacy app. You can read here about how to test and make changes to the SelfPrivacy API.

You can also improve other components:

Dart + Flatter - frontend app

Hugo / Docsy

If you want to improve our site:

For any help, please contact our chats:

Last modified: July 5, 2024