Version 0.8.0 Release

Digital Ocean support, new setup UI, and more!

Release banner showcasing new UI


Server setup:

  • Added support for Digital Ocean as server provider
  • You can now choose server region
  • You can now choose server tier
  • Server installation UI has been refreshed
  • Fields now have more specific error messages

Common UI:

  • New app bar used in most of the screens


  • Services are now sorted by their status

Server settings:

  • Timezone search screen now has a search bar
  • Fixed job creation when switching the setting multiple times
  • Server destruction now works


  • Jobs panel now should take slightly less space


  • Recovery key page can now be reloaded by dragging down


  • Log console now has a limit of 500 lines
  • GraphQL API requests are now logged in the console
  • Networks errors are better handled

For developers:

  • App now only uses GraphQL API to communicate with the server. All REST API calls have been removed.
  • Server can now be deployed with staging ACME certificates
  • Language assets have been reorganized


  • Added translation for Ukrainian
  • Also activated unfinished translations for German, French, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Thai
Last modified February 14, 2023: docs: Add release notes for 0.8.0 (bb17087)