Platform on user's hosting provider, managed via mobile application.


Your personal services


For the company or family. Unlimited mailboxes amount.


The most private messenger is the messenger, which server part resides on your own server. That's what makes Delta.Chat more private then Telegram or Signal.

Password Manager

No more need to design, remember and manually input your passwords.

Bitwarden — reliable password manager for all of your devices.

Cloud storage

Nextcloud — private and functional replacement of Dropbox and G-drive.


No more need in Zoom and Google-meet, when there's Jitsi-meet around. Simple and handy solution for videoconferences.

Git repository

Gitea is a great Github alternative, that belongs to you, but not to Microsoft.

VPN for all of your friends and relatives devices

No public VPN can be private, but only those, deployed on your own server. OpenConnect — connect unlimited amount of devices.

Decentralized social network

Pleroma is a social network where you decide who to ban and what to post. No more advertisments and tracking.


Zero trust

SelfPrivacy is designed according to "zero trust" concept, even in relation to SelfPrivacy developers. It means that you're the only owner of your data.


It just works. No console, complicated manuals, monitoring and staff involvement.


Your data won't disappear without any trace due to regular backups into the separate datacenter.


Data control

Why corporations need your data? To make you buy more and vote as they want. With SelfPrivacy, your data is only in your hands.



Open source. Reward of $1000 for found RCE vulnerability drastically rises security in comparison with other self-hosted solutions.


No license agreements

What do you allow to do with your data, while agreeing to license agreements without reading? You allow to do anything that companies want. SelfPrivacy has no license agreements.


Save your time and money

How to save $500 or two weeks of your life? How much time and money will specialist require to setup everything of that from the very beginning?

SelfPrivacy team works hard to speed up and simplify this process to the few clicks.

Now anyone will be capable of setting up their own DC.



Your communications on the internet no longer depend on Google, Facebook, Amazon and others E-Corps.

Your services — your rules! You won't be banned for any reason. Your infrastructure and data will always be with you.



No registration, cookies, telemetry, logs, analytics, clouds.